Leveraging the skills your team already has to maximise sales and performance:
Our work with Technical Network

Five Brand 3D Process

We featured in Technical Network’s latest newsletter where we talked about how our work with the organisation served as a basis to increase sales.

As human beings, we’re natural communicators. We can’t not communicate: it is a way of being. Our fundamental ability to communicate sounds like an asset, but it also presents many businesses and teams with a challenge. They need to attract, engage, retain and activate the best talent in the market to help them to grow. To do that, they need to be clear on who they are, what they are trying to achieve and how they’ll achieve it.

Sounds simple, but a fundamental piece of the jigsaw is often overlooked. Most organisations  have a clear brand founded on key values and principles, and they have a clear product or service offering. The challenge is that the people within those organisations don’t always have a clear idea of what that means to them as individuals. If their concept of brand values is blurred, it makes it near impossible to articulate their value proposition to others in the best way possible as hiring managers, as customer-facing employees and in buying in internal stakeholders.


Technical Network: Branding from the inside out

Five Brand worked with Technical Network, part of the Pertemps Network Group, as part of their re-brand from Network Recruitment Partnership last year to help address this challenge. The business was going through a change and needed their employees to be central to owning and communicating that change, highlighting the value Technical Network adds and building relationships within the group itself to maximise potential. They also needed to share their message through digital media and external activities to increase awareness of the new brand to candidates and clients, and to strengthen their activities in building a pipeline of the best talent in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

The way to do this was clear – by working with the people who speak to clients and candidates every day, defining their message and creating and delivering the communication strategy.

When a team has a job to deliver, it can be difficult to see the value in breaking the rhythm of day-to-day work to look at strategic solutions. Yet by taking a time-efficient, creative and facilitated problem solving approach, the Technical Network team not only defined their core value and message by themselves, they also built confidence and skills in problem-solving, creative thinking and influencing. The bonus? The time spent understanding and getting to grips with the Technical Network’s values gave them the tools needed grow the impact of the business.

Through four workshops and as a team, the employee-led group created the verbal brand, Technical Network’s ‘Time Well Spent’ concept of working with clients, candidates and each other. They also defined an external re-brand communication plan, focusing on their newsletter and social media approach. Finally, they also designed a CSR project to build relationships with future candidates and introduce college and school-age talent to the industry.


Building on the brand

We have since gone on to develop the social media strategy across three of the businesses in the group alongside their in-house social media team. Using influencer and business development mapping, we developed a content strategy and social media processes and tools for lead generation and measuring return on investment.

Key wins to date include new customer acquisition, performance increase in consultants who were part of the project team. The workshops also helped establish the development of internal communication practices, processes and ways of working that have built a stronger relationship between the leadership team and the consultant teams.

The strongest assets in your business are your people. They are also the only asset that possess the uniquely human-centric skill of building relationships – essential for doing business anywhere.


Leverage your team’s skills

Do you need help maximising the potential of your people to drive your business or team forward? You can find out more about Five Brand’s approach to communication as a tool to build relationships internally and externally to grow businesses at by connecting with Rebecca.

For Technical Network, we delivered: Brand identity including core messages and audience identity; Re-brand communication strategy through facilitated workshop; Internal communication improvement recommendation through team workshop; Ways of working and re-brand message workshop for the organisation; Website copy for re-launch; Social media strategy, tools, mentoring and tactical influence-led process planning; Newsletter and website news content strategy and content ideation facilitation.