Small Business: Is It Worth It?

Small BusinessPhoto credit: Pixabay

Working with small businesses makes you stronger.

They may not be the most overtly appealing customers.

But they are the most discerning.

Small business owners are difficult to manage. They are as close to as business as any employee can ever be.  They have the most at stake, the clearest attention to detail and the strongest vision.

They can make you work twice as hard for half the income. And care less about your profit than what they can gain from your work.

Hard work? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

Why, I hear you ask? Surely more work for less return makes no business sense?

Because small business owners will make you the best you can be.

They’ll make you focus on details you didn’t even think we’re relevant. They’ll make you care about delivery over profit. They’ll show the importance of customer service as a priority.

So, no, working with small businesses doesn’t mean you can do any less of a job. But it will make you much more well-rounded at the job you do.

It will keep you on your toes, focused on the customer and innovative as you try to work out how you can sustain this way of working, whilst still being profitable.

Surely that’s great for any business.  After all, being stagnant, complacent or accepting the status quo is not the narrative of the best businesses out there.

Never underestimate the power of small business customers or the privilege of them putting their faith, and their money, in you.