Who We Are

We’re facilitators, connectors, identity experts, communication visualisers and solution finders with significant experience working with businesses spanning German and English-speaking markets.


Our Vision

We want to use our talent – creative and simplified communication – as a tool to positively impact people by simplifying how businesses communicate.

Working with our customers and leveraging their best asset – their people – we get their communication foundations right through defining and shaping a clear brand voice and activating it through tactical communication planning.

We cut through the noise, to maximise communication impact and create new opportunities for those people to build their skills.

And we want to work with businesses to create a better place to work and live.

Sounds like a mountain to climb. But isn’t that what pioneers do?


Our Values

Partnership. Ownership and trust of our customers and processes.

Pioneering. Pushing the boundaries and exploring ideas.

Reflection. Taking time to realise fresh ideas, proactively.

Opportunity. Connecting networks, developing new approaches and generating sustainable business.


Our People


Rebecca Wheatley, Managing Director & UK/DACH Lead

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Rebecca grew up in a family of small business owners in the agricultural Midlands, before working for over 16 years in corporate organisations across UK & Switzerland including Siemens, BBC and Kraft Foods. She specialised in employee and employer communications, talent attraction and EU project management.

Before first moving to Zürich in 2010, Rebecca lived in various places across the UK, including Birmingham, Nottingham and the south. Fuelled by her passion for creativity, communication, language, communities and quality of life, she founded Five Brand in 2012 in Switzerland and now (mainly) lives back in the UK.

Her strengths are reaching people, creative solution-focused facilitation, cutting through the noise and going beyond the obvious. Her alter ego is a chain-smoking pig in a hammock – but she prefers painting, writing and improving her German.

Obviously, she wrote this herself… in English (the British sort).

Contact Rebecca to find out more about working with Five Brand in the UK and across DACH.




Caroline Marti, Content Manager DE

Caroline on TwitterCaroline on Instagram


Caroline grew up in Basel before trading the sunny town for the eternally foggy (or so she claims) St. Gallen to study Business at the University of St. Gallen.

Looking for an internship during the summer and overcoming her inherent prejudice for Zurich (which is genetically ingrained in every Basel citizen), she applied to Five Brand Communication through the Summerpreneurship Programme 2014 of the Impact HUB Zurich.

Through Five Brand, she discovered her interest in innovation, start-ups and everything social media and just couldn’t leave the fun-loving, creatively explosive crew once summer ended. So she didn’t.

She looks after the German side of Five Brand and gives a Swiss perspective. Finding it fun to juggle with languages, she loves to have a good conversation whether it’s in German, English, French or Japanese (or a mix of them). If you go looking for her you’ll most likely find her with her nose stuck in the latest fantasy book or travelling around the globe to experience new things and improve her language skills.

Contact Caroline to find out more about Five Brand and content across the DACH markets.




Angela Kubli, Switzerland Lead

Angela on Twitter


Angela is a world citizen by heart but grew up in St. Gallen, Switzerland (which is not foggy at all) and loves the eastern part of Switzerland.

Before she became a copywriter, she studied Marketing & Business Communications at the University of Essex in the UK and at the same time, made her living as a show jumper, competing in various events all over the world.

Returning to Switzerland in 2011 she started working in marketing. Today, Angela specialises in copywriting and her strong people skills. As well as managing the Swiss side of Five Brand, Angela also has her own text agency Treffender, based in St. Gallen.

Whenever she’s not in her office she can be found playing with her puppy in St Gallen’s Stadtpark. As puppies are adorable, but very time consuming she won’t be seen at museums or the gym anymore.

Contact Angela to find out about working with Five Brand in Switzerland.




Matthew Green, Research & Strategy Consultant

Matthew on TwitterMatthew on LinkedIn
“Matthew is too clever for his own good,” so said more than one teacher and more than one former boss. We kind of know what they meant, but we like him all the same.

Matthew is Five Brand’s Research and Strategy Consultant. His expertise in research methods, research design and translating insight into strategy gives Five Brand a winning edge in helping our clients understand their markets more acutely, tailor messages more effectively and monitor the return on their investment in better communications.

Away from Five Brand Matthew, who studied at the University of Liverpool in the UK and at the London School of Economics, runs a specialist research and strategy consultancy based in the UK.

Contact Matthew to find out more about Five Brand how research and analytics can make the difference in your communication strategy.



Charley Sowden, PR Consultant

Charley on TwitterCharley on LinkedIn
Charley’s career began in advertising, where she rose through the ranks to direct through-the-line campaigns on behalf of clients including Diageo, L’Oreal, London Luton Airport and the University of Central Lancashire.

As a CMI qualified PR and Marketing consultant, she has 15 years’ experience across both client side and agency side, delivering business and consumer facing strategic campaigns across multi-media platforms.

This period was followed by a six-year Head of Marketing role for, Oliver Sweeney, where she built her in depth knowledge of fashion and retail PR and marketing and spearheaded their strong celebrity endorsement scheme, amongst other successful campaigns. More recently, Charley has been busy as an independent consultant, working on projects including BP’s London 2012, and Lincolnshire Co-operative’s communications.

Charley manages Five Brand’s PR-led projects alongside her own consultancy, and spends her spare time equally divided between having fun with, and arguing with, her children and horses.

Contact Charley to find out more about how to build PR strategies and campaign that deliver results.