What We Do


Build brands from the inside by defining, shaping and activating a clear core message to grow sales.


SMEs in English and German speaking markets who want to build stronger relationships with their customers.


Understand your audience. Clarify your voice, story and  message. Bring it to life for your team.


It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it. When you know who you are, your customers do too.


Our Process

Any good customer communication, online or offline is rooted in well-defined messaging, based on an understanding of your audience and their needs.

What’s your goal? What’s already working? Where can we add value? We work with you and your team to find your voice and reach your customers through our three stage approach.

Five Brand 3D Process

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Our Services

Brand Identity

Message concept; brand identity & story; Audience identity and development; Tone of voice; Brand employee engagement (internal branding).

Communication Strategy

Team-led communication planning & design; Content and social media strategy & planning; Tactical stakeholder and influencer engagement planning; Metrics and tools to measure success.

English/German Communication

Cross-cultural relationship advisory coaching for businesses exporting to or importing from German-speaking markets; German and International English sales and marketing materials.


Our Stories

Brand Identity & Story
Audience Messaging
Visual Branding inc. Logo
Website Design & Content(English for German-Speaking and International Markets)
Communication Materials

Verbal Brand Identity & Story
Tone of Voice
Website Design & Content (English for German-Speaking and International Markets)
Content Planning & Production
Social Media Strategy
Network 8
Verbal Re-Branding & Audience Identity
Tone of Voice
Internal Sales Team Communication Development
Ways of Working Development – Internal and External
Content Planning & Production
Website Content
Case Study Design & Development

pertemps logo
Social Media Strategy for Three Group Businesses (Technical Network, Procurement People, BJD), including:
Social Media Process Development for Lead Generation
Social Media Influencer Mapping
Social Media Business Development Strategy and Tactics
Social Media Metrics Design to Measure RoI

Virmond The Tasting Room 150
Brand Story (English and German)
External Marketing Campaign Visual* & Copy Design
Window Display Design*
Social Media Mentoring
*with Lifetime Designs


Verbal Brand Identity
Brand Story
Key Messaging
Website Copy



Brand Identity
Core Messaging
Sales Collateral
Website Copy (pre-launch)

Core Messaging Workshop
Social Media Workshop for Students & Teachers
Website Content Structure & Layout Guidance
Website Copy (International English & German Tone Advisory)