The Evolution of Five.


We’re tired of seeing the same old thing, over and over.

The interesting thing about creativity, is that anyone can do it.  It’s about ideas, of course.  It’s about innovation.  Discovery.

But more than anything, it’s about process.  Building on what you have.  Execution.

In the ‘creative space’ these words can cause a seizure.  Where’s the creativity in structure and process?  In spreadsheets and organisation?

Creativity is everywhere!


It’s time for clarity.

The key to creativity is evolution.  It’s never-ending and all encompassing.  Have you ever solved a financial problem? That’s creativity.  Have you changed something mid-way through when it’s not working?  Also creativity. It’s all around us. Learning. Applying. Breathing.


Creativity to reach our novel minds.

This was the seed of Five Brand.  I was so bored by mass communication, same messaging, follow the leader, stick with what works.  That is application in its most unimaginative form.

Ok, it does work —  but it’s predictable  But it’s incessantly mind numbing and above all, is not good for anybody’s mental health.

So how do you take something as universal as communication, as intangible as creativity and as unreachable as success to make a difference in how we do things?

Go back to basics.  That’s how.


Curiosity to trust our own ideas.

Not many ideas are original.  If only.  Then I would be very rich, as I have a lot of them (most fairly weird).

No, we are basic creatures, human beings. Our psychology is pretty straightforward.  We all come from the same place.  We are defined as individuals by layers and layers of icing.  Nature and nurture, culture, environment, language, beliefs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Strip it all back and we come down to love, sex, stability, breathing, sleeping, water.  Survival.  To be healthy, you need these fundamental things to be working for you.

Then the ideas will come.


A fresh approach to reaching the audience who really matter – people.

So what interests us?  We are pack animals, so most of the time it is what we are told.  Some of us thrive in counteracting this effect by never listening to what we are told.  That doesn’t work either.  It’s quite exhausting, actually.

We need to survive.  Then it comes down to being a bit better than everyone else.   We are easily amused, but we’re also easily bored and the more information we consume, the more quickly things become mundane we just need to see something a little bit different, sometimes even shocking.

There’s a machine at large out there.  It’s taking the creativity we come up with and twisting it to become once again commercially profitable.  It’s a difficult battle – we all need to live, to make profit – and of course to survive.  You see the pattern.

So how do you bring together a need for change, a thirst for creativity or maybe even originality, a strong values system and a passion for people’s equal chances in life?

Good question.  It took a while and we’ve got a long way to go.  But the answer lies in the title of this story.  Evolution.


Change is good.  Progress is inevitable.

I am who I am because of where I came from.  I am human.  I am a leader.  I am also a follower.  I am creative.  I can create a mean spreadsheet.

What I didn’t realise, when I started on this journey two years ago, was the missing ingredient -time.

Patience.  Reflection.  Thinking space. The world tells us these are not good things.  You move too slowly – you’ll lose opportunities.  You need more, more, more – or you’ll fail.

I am lucky to live in a country and come from a country where I can afford the luxury of time, so I don’t take it for granted.  It has helped me

Our need for survival can kick in, in the worst way – fight or flight can easily become greed. We don’t know when to stop. We are driven by stress.  Out goes creativity, in comes limitation, more of the same old thing.


Define it for yourselves.

An idea doesn’t have to be original to be unique and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Think about how you will share it – that little bit differently.  Allow the space to go through the process.  To grow and to execute in new ways.

Use your time wisely.  Evolve, not revolve.  Create, not imitate.

Find your Voice.


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Maslow Image  Credit: Creative Commons