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Getting started: 4 tips to master the Twitter learning curve


image credit: Now that we’ve discussed the merits of using Twitter to drive business, we’ll move on to some basic but key ingredients to help you hit the ground running and make your Twitter account shine. We’ll look at things to consider when setting up your user profile, how to “follow”, cover best times to… Read more »

Harnessing the power of Twitter to build your business

Five Brand Twitter Success

image credit: So you’ve heard of Twitter. Maybe you’ve signed up for an account to see what all the fuss is about. You’ve chosen a username (a ‘handle’ in Twitter-speak), followed a few people and maybe a few of them have followed you back. Then what? Well, for most small business owners, next comes creeping… Read more »

The Business Case for Content

The Business Case for Content_cover

We know you have some burning questions about online content. The main thing you may be wondering is ‘how on earth can putting a few updates on Facebook or Twitter actually generate sales?’.   We’ve written this brief to help clarify a few areas that can be confusing around social media. We’ve interspersed psychology with… Read more »

Small Business: Is It Worth It?

Small Business

Photo credit: Pixabay Working with small businesses makes you stronger. They may not be the most overtly appealing customers. But they are the most discerning. Small business owners are difficult to manage. They are as close to as business as any employee can ever be.  They have the most at stake, the clearest attention to… Read more »

N O Spells NO!

No spells NO

By nature, I am a people pleaser. Need to borrow my vacuum cleaner? No problem! I’ll get it over right now! Want me to come and water your plants every day while you’re on vacation even though you live 45 minutes away from me? With pleasure – should I also clean your apartment while I’m… Read more »

Start Up Grind Zurich: Let’s hear it for the girls…


More and more, we hear about women in business. Be it leadership or entrepreneurship, there’s a host of content and events out there about women and their endeavours. However, there are not so many options to do something that reaches an audience more diverse than just other women, and that goes beyond discussions around flexibility and work/life balance. A Man’s… Read more »

The Evolution of Five.


We’re tired of seeing the same old thing, over and over. The interesting thing about creativity, is that anyone can do it.  It’s about ideas, of course.  It’s about innovation.  Discovery. But more than anything, it’s about process.  Building on what you have.  Execution. In the ‘creative space’ these words can cause a seizure.  Where’s… Read more »

Building your business: identifying your target audience

people blur 2

How much do you know about your customers? Many small business owners  avoid defining their target market because they don’t want to exclude potential customers.We understand, and we know it’s not an easy task. But knowing your audience is a crucial element of branding, writing and communication, and it’s equally important for business development. Identifying your target market… Read more »

Crafting a Brilliant Brand Story

Crafting a Brilliant Brand Story

What is storytelling, anyway? It’s a Thursday night, 11.30pm. You’re curled up on the couch and have been for the past two hours reading. The bulb in the lamp closest to you isn’t giving off quite enough light to read comfortably and your eyes are strained. You shun the thoughts of getting up to turn on the main… Read more »