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Great companies need to reinvent constantly to thrive. So do people.


MyImpact’s vision is clear – to create more meaning and impact in people’s work and the world through authentic leadership development.
The concept is simple.  The execution isn’t so easy to pull off.

Read more about our work with MyImpact.

Copywriting is something that a lot of small business owners would say they’re pretty good at.


After all, we all took English at school and the grammar and spell check tools are our best online pals.

Simple, right? Yes – except there’s a distinction between being able to put words on a page and being able to convey a message or a feeling with words….


Two Restaurants. Two Concepts.

How do you work with a new restaurant, in a new area of town. A cool area, that people don’t really know about yet?

That was our job with Virmond – Read our case study to find out more.


Let's hear it for the girls...


More and more, we hear about women in business. Be it leadership or entrepreneurship, there’s a host of content and events out there about women and their endeavours.

However, there are not so many options to do something that reaches an audience more diverse than just other women and that goes beyond discussions around flexibility and work/life balance…


How much do you know about your customers?

Many small business owners purposely avoid defining their target market because they

don’t want to exclude potential customers. We understand, and we know it’s not an easy

task. But knowing your audience is a crucial element of branding, writing and

communication, and it’s equally important for business development.