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The Business Case for Content

The Business Case for Content_cover

We know you have some burning questions about online content. The main thing you may be wondering is ‘how on earth can putting a few updates on Facebook or Twitter actually generate sales?’.   We’ve written this brief to help clarify a few areas that can be confusing around social media. We’ve interspersed psychology with… Read more »

Rebecca’s Journey


Our very own Rebecca Wheatley has had the opportunity to write a great post for Global People Transition on what made her move to Switzerland and start her very own business. Many thought it was crazy, few thought she would succeed. Thanks to the support of The Impact Hub Zürich, friends and colleagues, Rebecca has… Read more »

N O Spells NO!

No spells NO

By nature, I am a people pleaser. Need to borrow my vacuum cleaner? No problem! I’ll get it over right now! Want me to come and water your plants every day while you’re on vacation even though you live 45 minutes away from me? With pleasure – should I also clean your apartment while I’m… Read more »